No Valentine’s Day for Catholics as bishops urge focus on Ash Wednesday

Catholic Bishops are urging faithfuls to focus on Ash Wednesday which, by coincidence, falls on the same day as Valentine’s day.

Interestingly, the last time this sort of coincidence occurred was 73 years ago. When Kenya was a British Colony.

Unlike the Valentine’s day, Ash Wednesday is a day when Christians fast, pray and deny themselves bodily pleasures.

Then comes Valentine’s day. A day when lovers shower each other with gifts, covet, cavort and engage in unbridled bodily pleasures.

You are urged to avoid this and instead…
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With the two significant occasions happening on the same day, believers face a conundrum on what occasion to  give prominence.

One one hand, emotional and carnal needs and on the other;  spiritual and religious commitments.

Chairperson of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops, Philip Anyolo asked Christians to focus on Ash Wednesday and its significance to Christians.

“It is a tricky time for the Church. These two days that have different philosophies coincide. So Christians have to be careful on what they give prominence,” Anyolo noted.

At the same time, restaurants that specialise in meat dishes will have to rethink their menus since catholics will be keeping off meat on the said day.

Focus on this…

And it seems that 2018 is a year of odds because Easter will fall on April 1, Fools Day.

A day teeming with  pranks and hoaxes.

Bless the clergymen who will be preaching the gospel and the resurrection of Christ.

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