No ‘Jakadala’ STD outbreak in Migori – Health minister


Investigations into alleged outbreak of a “dangerous” sexual transmitted disease christened “Jakadala”, which allegedly broke out in Migori County two weeks ago, show that the said infection does not exist, County health minister, Dr. Isca Oluoch, says.

Dr. Oluoch says a diseases surveillance team that was dispatched to hospitals in the county for one week did not find substantial evidence to prove existence of the said STD.

“Residents should treat the claims as rumours meant to cause fear and anxiety,” said the health minister.

Dr. Oluoch, nonetheless, urged residents to practice safe sex.

A section of Migori constituents believe that those who propagated the “Jakadala” outbreak rumour mistook penile cancer, diagnosed on a patient, for the STD.

“Jakadala” is said to have ‘cancer-like symptoms’, and could kill a patient in a span of weeks. It [Jakadala] ‘eats up’ the private parts; and we hear it could kill in a matter of days. It is quite a scary disease,” said a resident, who claimed to know a patient suffering from “Jakadala”.

Initial reports said the disease first broke out at goldmine areas in Migori County.

The health minister has urged Migori residents, who have multiple sex partners, to wear protection during intimacy.

“Filled condom dispensers are available at the public hospitals. People shouldn’t risk their lives yet preventive tools are readily available,” said Dr. Oluoch.

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