No, don’t! Why Women Rep is strongly opposed to Kenyan men getting vasectomy

Embu County Women Representative Rose Rwamba Mitaru has opposed men offering themselves for vasectomy as a method for family planning saying that it will lead to a drastic reduction in the country’s population.

Speaking to Embu residents on Saturday, Ms Mitaru regretted that the consumption of illicit brews and chewing of khat has led to reduced fertility among men in the county, adding that vasectomy would further aggravate the problem.

“I have heard our men who have had two or three children go to the doctor to seek vasectomy. I would like to tell our men to do their homework and see that many youths engage in illicit brews and chewing of khat and have become unable to father children. Which means eventually the number of people who can father children will reduce,” she said.

Ms Mitaru, who is the ninth born in a family of 12, said men should wait before considering vasectomy, as they might want to have more children, adding that had her parents done the same she would never have been born.

“I would like to tell parents not to undergo vasectomy until they’re sure they have children who can father children,” she said.

Her sentiments come barely a week after the world vasectomy day was marked around the globe, with 150 men undergoing vasectomy in Nairobi.

Speaking last week, a religious leader from Embu County castigated the move by men to undergo vasectomy as a way of family planning terming it un-Godly.

Joseph Wega of the Transcontinental Christian Ministry Church said that men are not supposed to go for family planning, saying that it is a reserve for women.

Wega argued that the country was being re-colonized as this is a western culture that should not be accepted adding that it was misleading Kenyans on best ways for family planning.

He argued that as a church leader, he would not advocate for such methods as this was making men impotent, as they will never sire again.

Wega called upon other church leaders to come out and condemn family planning for men, as the country population was still low.


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