Njugush has no kind words for comedian claiming his work was “stolen”

Popular comedian Njugush, whose real name is Timothy Kimani Ndegwa, has rubbished claims that he “copied” another comedian’s work.

JB Mole alleges that the latest video clip by Njugush – on how clueless World Cup followers watch the games –, was his original work.

Mole further claims that Njugush’s funny clip on how women apply make-up was also copied from his other works.

Mole took to his Instagram page, which only has 220 followers, to make the claims.

Njugush denies the allegations, terming them “stupid”.

“His (Mole’s) allegations shouldn’t even bother you,” he told EDAILY on phone Thursday.

Of late, Njugush has risen up the comedy ladder, with his short funny clips posted to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages receiving thousands of views nearly on a daily basis.




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