Night club gun drama leaves one reveler hospitalised


Police have arrested a middle-aged man, who shot another while reveling at a night club in Kajiado town on Saturday, August 26.

Confirming the incident, Kajiado County Commissioner, Harsama Kello, said Simon Ndichu brandished a gun at 3am Saturday and shot Faruk Abdalah in the stomach after Abdalah refused he (Ndichu) be served with more liquor.

Abdalah, who was sharing a table with Ndichu, told the club waiter not to serve Ndichu with more alcohol because Ndichu was already too drunk. Persistent Ndichu ordered for more alcohol, nonetheless.

However, when it became imminent that he was not going to be given more bottles of alcohol, despite making orders, an angry Ndichu shot Abdalah, accusing Abdalah of being the one who prevented the waiter from serving him with more drink.

Abdalah was rushed to Nairobi Hospital for treatment.

Ndichu, a licensed gun holder, has since been disarmed.

Commissioner Kello says the police have also arrested the club owner for operating the business beyond the time permitted by law – 11pm.

Kello added that the license of the night club has since been revoked.

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