NG’ENDO: Men, don’t wear these 5 types of clothes and shoes, please!

Men, the first impression of your personality – in most instances – is arrived at based on how you are dressed.

Your pair of trousers, shirt, shoes, belt, watch [that is if you wear one]; and even a boxer tells a lot about the person that you are.

Many a times walking on the streets of Nairobi is draining; draining to see grown men walking in clothes that make our eyes bleed. A sagged pair of trousers with a torn boxer showing beneath cannot – and won’t – win you any woman; even the most desperate ones.

What am I trying to say in so many words? Your dressing should not make people around you uncomfortable. As women, we have been blamed so much for this. Men, you too are getting out of control.

And the following are dressing styles that do make us want to puke; literally? Maybe.

-Sagging trousers-

This one has been said before. It annoys; it angers; it embarrasses and it sparks harsh judgment. Several theories have been shared about how this trend came about. Do you really want to know? I understand, from one of the theories, that male inmates in the U.S., several years ago, were the first people to pull such a look. Not because they loved it so much, but because belts weren’t allowed in prison; and their prison attire, which were in trouser shape, couldn’t be firmly fixed around their waists.

I don’t think with all the freedom that you enjoy, you’d want to walk around with your “superman” boxer showing. I; women; the larger society cringe at that sight. It is ugly. It is criminal. Stop it. Grow up.

Nobody would want his or her son to spot you. I do not know what I would want my son to become; but for sure, I know what my son shouldn’t look like; what he shouldn’t wear; sagged trousers.

-T-Shirts with weird writings-

“I’m the man who made your mama leave your daddy”. Seriously? That statement is stupid, right? Yes, it is. And yet, there is this: “I am Mr big D**k.” Okay. Men, what’s wrong with you? Who wants to know all that unnecessary, irrelevant and uncalled for details?

You’re wearing clothes with such writings because you want attention drawn to you? Well, you got it. What happens to your reputation, thereafter? Mannerless, immature, stupid etc etc are among the fresh adjectives people will use to refer to you. I don’t think there is anyone who claps, when he or she is referred to as “stupid”. Is there?

If no, then stop being stupid. Wear plain shirts if you feel the temptation of being naughty is getting the better of you.

-Plastic sandals-

There is only one authentic Adidas brand that we know of. Then there are many fake Adidas plastic sandals being sold at Ksh200. They come predominantly in three colours: blue, black and grey. Avoid those fakes. They make you look cheap.

At Ksh200, you can get pretty good second hand rubber sandals at Gikomba. Take a stroll and buy them. They don’t look cheap as the plastic sandals.

-Over-size clothes-

This one is debatable. It depends on which culture you subscribe to; Hip hop culture? Well, it could pass. But, generally, oversize, or baggy, clothes are a turn off in this day and age.

A nice fit makes you look stylish and classy. Baggy clothes make you look like a person living in the ‘90s. Baggy is unattractive, more so if your physique is lean.

-Tight clothes-

A man donning tight clothes… Tight around the thigh, behind, crotch… I don’t know how to be diplomatic about this. It’s a bad, bad, bad scene. It communicates very many things about your sexuality. I wouldn’t want to go there.

Ladies, are there other fashion statements that piss you off when you see men sporting them? Talk to us via our social media handles @edailykenya.


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