Newlywed Ciara: I am worried my ex Future will kill my husband


Singer Ciara filed documents in a defamation suit claiming that her ex-lover Future is threatening her husband Russell Wilson, says TMZ.

In the legal documents, Ciara, 30, lays out various threats Future, 30, has made. In particular, she notes the football emojis with guns pointing in their direction which Future posted a while back on Instagram, but later deleted the post.

Ciara also makes mention of the song Juice Future dropped last month, in which he says: “Tryna [expletive] my baby mama, [expletive] what’s up with you? You gon’ make me get that heat, I’m pulling up on you.”

Ciara calls Future’s conduct, “frightening” and “socially irresponsible …where there has been a recent rash of gun violence.”

Following reports of Ciara’s latest filing, Future took to Twitter Tuesday afternoon with a vague retort: “Wish everyone could move on like me…that’s my only wish.”

Ciara believes the threat is real, but she doesn’t explain what this has to do with her defamation case.

Future and Ciara broke up in October 2014 after cheating allegations against Future surfaced online.

Future gave an interview insisting that he “called off his engagement to the R&B chanteuse way before any cheating rumours came out.” He added that he let rumours fly long after the split because he “felt embarrassed for her (Ciara).”

The former couple has a two-year-old son named Future Zahir Wilburn.

They were granted joint custody in May, 2016 after they took a nasty custody battle to a California court.

Ciara is currently suing Future for $15 million (KSh1.5 billion) in defamation and slander for comments he made about her in his music, interviews and on social media in 2015.

Ciara, who swiftly moved on after she broke up with the artiste, tied the knot with 27-year-old Russell Wilson in a glitzy ceremony in Cheshire, northwest England on Wednesday, July 6.


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