Newly-wed Alikiba sued for child support


Popular Tanzanian musician Ali Kiba has been sued for child maintenance by one of his baby mamas identified as Hadija.

Hadija, a businesswoman who sells second hand clothes in Tanzania, says she has filed a case at the Kisutu Resident Magistrate’s Court in Dar es Salaam seeking to have Ali Kiba compelled to give her Tsh.1.4 million (Ksh62, 000), which, she says, the “Mwana” star owes her in child maintenance.

According to court documents, Hadija wants Ali Kiba to give her, henceforth, Tsh460, 000 (Ksh20, 000), every month for child maintenance.

The complainant further claims Ali Kiba should give her Tsh950, 000 (Ksh42, 000), which she paid as one-term transport to her daughter’s school.

Hadija says their daughter was born in January 2013 at the Mikocheni Hospital in Dar es Salaam, with Kiba registered as the girl’s father.

“According to Tanzania’s child support law 2009, I want my daughter’s father (Ali Kiba) to provide monthly upkeep toward her welfare. Basic food will cost Tsh.150, 000 (Ksh.6, 600), fruits will cost Tsh.50, 000 (Ksh.2, 200), other meals will cost Ksh.2, 200, entertainment will cost Tsh.100, 000 (Ksh.4, 400), clothes will cost Tsh.60, 000 (Ksh.2, 600), medical costs will be Ksh.2, 200,” read Hadija’s demands.

Hadija wants the court to compel Ali Kiba to give her Ksh.280, 000 for the 14 months, beginning February 2017, when the “Seduce Me” star “stopped giving her child upkeep”.

Hadija also wants the court to compel Ali Kiba to look into her welfare as the baby’s mother.

Hadija received help in filing the case from Women’s Legal Aid Centre (WLAC) in Tanzania.

Ali Kiba is yet to respond to Hadija’s suit.

Ali Kiba has three other children with three different baby mamas.

The “Maumivu per Day” hit-maker tied the knot with the love of his life, Amina Khalif, 23, on April 19 in Mombasa. Another ceremony followed, thereafter, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


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