New twist to story of Kenyan man who sold wife for KSh500; she makes baffling revelation

A woman from Kakamega Town – who was sold for KSh500 to another man – by her husband, has spoken.

The middle-aged woman claims she busted her husband, who is known by the fictitious name Tusker, having sex with his lover in their matrimonial bed – and to get back at him, she accepted to be traded.

The woman’s husband, however, maintains he traded his wife because his colleague had expressed interest in her – and not because she caught him engaging in clandestine activities.

The shocking and rare spectacle happened a few days to Christmas when the said wife-seller, a boda boda operator, accepted a bottle of soda in exchange for his partner.

The buyer would later seal the deal by giving the woman’s husband KSh500.

“Just a day or two to Christmas, this man’s wife came to where we work, and I was mesmerised by her beauty. I asked if he could give her to me, and he said yes, but on condition that I pay him KSh500.

“That evening at around 9pm, he phoned and enquired my whereabouts. He asked me to head to where he was and that his wife was with him. When I reached where they were, I held the woman’s arm and her husband asked for the payment (KSh500). I gave him the money and he handed the woman to me,” the buyer told eDaily.

“For three days now, the man has cried, begging I return his wife. I thought deep about it and told him: ‘I don’t think that will be easy, unless you talk to me nicely I won’t do you the favour’.

“However, today (January 4), I decided to return his wife to him. What I want from him is the bottle of soda that he drank in exchange for the wife. I just wanted to teach him a lesson – that you should never joke about giving your wife to another man. He will take her and go with her for good. I have told him never to try that again,” added the buyer.

The wife-seller’s colleagues were surprised by the man’s naïve decision.

“Exchanging wives during this festive season is wrong. A man should stay with his wife and celebrate the holidays together,” said a boda boda operator.

Another operator suspected the wife-seller did so because he could not “feed her on Christmas”.

“The guy who exchanged his wife for a bottle of soda was unable to feed her during the festive season. So, when he got an offer to exchange his wife for a bottle of soda, he warmly accepted.”

Tusker’s wife maintains she will not get back together with him because he cheated on her.

Listen to the clip below on how Tusker traded his wife for KSh500 and a bottle of soda:

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