Natalie Tewa: I am not getting back together with Rnaze

Popular Kenyan vlogger Natalie Tewa has come out to address questions about her relationship with ex-lover Rnaze.

The former couple had a much-publicized break up in March this year when Rnaze accused Tewa of cheating on him but she came out guns blazing accusing the photographer of being violent.

Tewa, in a new video uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday, asked her fans to accept and move on, adding that the two of them will never get back together.

“It was good while it lasted. Unfortunately it ended on a very bad note, and we did reconcile and we made a statement on everything and we’re not talking because I feel like space is necessary, and I don’t feel very comfortable with talking to my exes. To me that’s not even an option,” she said.

“I hope people will understand and stop telling me to go back; I’m not going back. It ended, that’s done.”

She stated that – in her 25 years of existence – she has never fully invested in a relationship as she did with Rnaze, adding that the break-up felt like a divorce.

“Going through that break up was very difficult and tough, but I learned a lot. And I feel like I was also quite naïve going into a relationship that was not very healthy for me and also just not what I wanted at the time,” added Tewa.

She also said she got through the break-up by falling back on things she had neglected while in the relationship like travelling and spending more time with family and friends.

Tewa, who was responding to questions raised by her fans, answered a question on whether she is presently dating with a simple: “No, I’m not. It’s too soon.”

Rnaze, 30, announced the break up on Instagram on March 28, accusing Tewa of cheating on him.

He claimed he went to Uganda on March 13, and when he returned to Kenya four days later, he was met with a “terrible surprise”.

“She cheated. I ended it,” said Rnaze.

He apologised to Kenyans who perceived their love life to be perfect, and, as a result, harboured pressures to emulate them.

“My heart goes out to all the ‘BonnieAndClyde’ fans who were invested. I am truly sorry,” he wrote.

On her end, Tewa suggested she ended her relationship with Rnaze because he was emotionally and physically violent.

“I actually have to speak about this emotional and physical abuse that has been going on. Physically abusive men need to be put in jail. And also, please forgive Rnaze and myself for not working things out. We really tried and that is why I said couple goals is overrated,” she wrote on Instagram.

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