NASA boycott call has made my baby daddy disappear – Actress Nyasuguta


Former Vitimbi actress Nyasuguta, whose real name is Eunice Wambui, claims her baby daddy has absconded parental responsibilities for two months now.

Nyasuguta claims David Otieno, the father of her 8-year-old son, refuses to give her child maintenance because “the Opposition coalition, Nasa, urged its male supporters to ‘boycott’ women from certain communities”.

“Every time I call and ask him for child maintenance, he tells me: ‘Our leaders in Nasa told us to boycott women from certain communities, one of them being yours. That is exactly what I am doing’,” Nyasuguta told eDaily.

Nyasuguta revealed she dated Otieno, an employee of a Dubai Government agency, for 15 years, a relationship which resulted in a baby.

“I have come to terms with the fact that we can no longer be together as lovers. But, he should be there for his son, just as he used to be there for him until two months ago,” said Nyasuguta.

“I really loved Otieno! When we were dating, he was a good man; unmatched in several aspects. That explains why I named my son after him. However, our political differences have made me see the other side of him that I did not know about. He says he is Nasa damu, and would do everything that the Party wants him to do as a supporter.

“When I was running for Embakasi South Jubilee ticket in the April, 2017 Party primaries, he told me to back out of the race, failure of which, he’d stop giving me child support money. I disobeyed his call, and since then, things have never been the same. He stopped paying for our son’s school fees, meals in school and much more two months ago. He told me: ‘I won’t associate with you if you continue supporting a political party which is opposing Nasa’.

The veteran actress now urges the Nasa leadership to rein in their male supporters, who have chosen to “neglect parental responsibilities because they do not share a political ideology or Party with their baby mamas, especially those (women) whose loyalty is inclined toward Jubilee.”

“I am not in this mess alone. Other women have called me on phone, while others have interacted with me on a personal level, saying their baby daddies, who are Nasa supporters, have left them since Nasa called for boycott of products, which the coalition alleges are manufactured by firms friendly to Jubilee. Sadly, one Nasa MP even encouraged his supporters to use and abandon women from certain communities. It is a big shame!” said Nyasuguta.

Nyasuguta now says she is contemplating dragging Otieno to the Children’s Court, and ask the court to compel him into giving her monthly child maintenance.

“He is well off, very well off. I fail to understand why he has chosen to neglect parental responsibilities, knowing very well that my son attends an expensive academy. I will drag him to court because if I don’t, he won’t send me money anytime soon, given the political stand-off in the country currently,” said Nyasuguta.

David Otieno is yet to respond to Nyasuguta’s claims.

NOTE: eDaily would like to put the disclaimer that the National Super Alliance (NASA) leadership is not on record for calling for the “boycott” of women from certain communities, and thus the above claims remain to be those of Nyasuguta.

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