Nairobi woman erupts in drama after ‘refusing to pay taxi fare’

Kasarani woman who allegedly refused to pay taxi fare. [PHOTO | COURTESY]

A video has emerged online showing a heated argument between a middle-aged woman and a taxi driver over Ksh710 unpaid fare row.

The 3-minute undated video footage posted on Facebook on February 3 was allegedly recorded in Mirema, Kasarani.

The video starts by showing the taxi driver differing with a security guard at the apartment, where the woman had entered and remerged later.

The security guard was, ostensibly, preventing the taxi driver from confronting the woman.

“We will fall out, and you won’t like it,” the taxi driver is heard telling the watchman.

“I am not in love with you. So, even if we differ, I don’t care,” the security guard responds to the cab driver.

The taxi driver, thereafter, replies, saying: “I am not gay; I can never love you; you are a man [like myself].”

Shortly thereafter, a boda boda rider arrives at the scene, and the taxi driver is heard telling him: “Please, rush to Kasarani Police Station and ask them to send one officer over here.”

Even before the rider could accept or reject his request, the cab driver, seemingly, made a phone call to a police officer whom he claimed to know.

He is heard telling the police officer: “Please, send me one of your officers because these security guards have begun harassing me.”

The taxi driver’s customer is, thereafter, heard saying: “I cannot pay this man! Let him call his police officers.”

“You will pay me,” the cab driver responds, adding: “I have come to understand that these security guards conspire with this woman to oppress taxi people because there is no way she would be driven all the way here and you [security guard] support her, when she says she won’t settle her bill.

“This woman owes me Ksh710 in taxi fare, and she has refused to pay. I want my money!”

According to the cab driver, when the woman reached her destination, a middle-aged man came out of a nearby apartment and took her handbag and smartphone in a bid to help her avoid paying the fare.

“I was to pay him, but I won’t,” the woman is heard swearing.

The video ends prematurely, with the woman daring the driver to do whatever he wishes to, reaffirming her earlier statement that she “won’t pay”.

It remains unclear how matters unfolded thereafter.

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