Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko takes Baby Osinya for a Dubai holiday

Do you remember Baby Osinya?

The toddler made headlines in March 2014 when an Al-Shabaab attack killed his mother and left a bullet lodged in his skull. The nation held its breath as the young child went through brain surgery, and relief swept the county when he left the hospital in good health.


Fast forward to September 2015 and baby Osinya is globetrotting, thanks to Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko.

According to a post on Sonko’s official Facebook page, he had promised to take Osinya on a trip if excelled in his studies.

“Before closing school I promised him if he excels in his studies he will choose a country he would like to visit for a period of one week and after exams he passed well and chose Dubai. As we all know a promise is a debt I have honoured mine,” read Sonko’s post.

Here are some pictures that Sonko has shared from the trip:

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