‘Naenda kwa size yangu’ comments come back to haunt Aisha Jumwa



Ward representatives from Malindi Constituency now want area MP, Aisha Jumwa, to refrain from using comments deemed to “contain sexual innuendos” during public rallies, saying it is exposing women from the area to ridicule and blanket condemnation.

Led by Kakuyuni MCA, Nickson Muramba, the local leaders said Ms Jumwa’s comments made at a public gathering in October 2018 suggested that women from Malindi have nothing much to offer than themselves to men.

In the October remarks made in the Coast region, Ms Jumwa said: “Kama mimi siwezi kupeana mkono kule juu,… lakini hapa chini kuna hustler mwenzangu mimi nimemkumbatia. Ni mabaya hayo? Si kila mtu huenda kwa size yake? Sasa mimi dhambi niliyoifanya ni ipi? [People at the top [in ODM] do not hold my opinion in high regard. I am glad that down here, there is my fellow hustler [Ruto] whom I have embraced. Is there anything wrong in that? Everybody goes to the person who fits his or her desires well. What wrong have I committed [by embracing Ruto]?”

And now ODM-affiliated MCAs from Malindi claim Ms Jumwa’s remarks have exposed the Mijikenda community, especially women, to ridicule.

“People from other regions are asking us if our MP is normal. They have also expressed their displeasure at her reckless utterances in public; in particular, the statement in which she said DP Ruto was her ‘size’,” said Kakuyuni MCA Muramba.

Another MCA, Zawadi Charo, said Ms Jumwa’s statements tend to depict women from Kilifi County as “morally loose”.

“As a woman from Kilifi, it saddens me that people from other regions have resorted to calling us prostitutes just because our MP disrespectfully said that her hips were for Ruto, not knowing that the world was watching,” said Ms Charo.

The local leaders have urged the ODM Party to eject Ms Jumwa from the outfit, and a by-election be held in the area following her dalliance with DP Ruto.

“ODM should throw her [Jumwa] out so that we can teach her a lesson that she would never forget,” said Kakuyuni MCA Nickson Muramba.

The MCA also warned ODM members Kilifi North MP, Owen Baya, and his Magarini counterpart, Michael Kingi, against campaigning for DP William Ruto.

“Let them [MPs] be warned that they will suffer the same consequences that is awaiting Jumwa. If they think they are ‘men enough’, let them resign and seek votes under Jubilee Party,” said Mr Muramba.

In December 2018, Ms Jumwa, however, pledged her loyalty to ODM after the party recommended that she be purged from the political outfit.

ODM, in a statement, said Ms Jumwa assured Raila Odinga of her commitment to the Party.

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