‘Mzungu’ marries 40-year-old Kenyan Moran as second wife, gets pregnant by his son, 19


A 26-year-old Irish woman married a 40-year-old Maasai Moran in 2013 – and then got pregnant for the warrior’s 19-year-old son, says Dailymail.co.uk.

The new mother, Rebekah O’Brien, says her prime purpose for Kenyan visit was to wed Rempesa Ole Kirkoya whom she had met in October 2012, but ended up falling in love with the warrior’s son after breaking up with Rempesa. She conceived for the teenager.

The pair met at the Maddermarket Theatre in Norwich where Ole Kirkoya and his Maasai warrior troupe had gone to perform.

Rebekah – a gym receptionist from Kent – was swept off her feet by the butcher’s culture and the deep connection she felt with him that she embarked on a 7000-mile journey to be with Ole Kirkoya.

Rebekah did not mind that Ole Kirkoya was already married to his wife, Joyce.

Unfortunately, as fate would have it – three years on – Rempesa and Rebekah are no longer together. Instead, the vicenarian is romantically involved with his eldest son, 19 – a school-going teenager who is unable to help her support their week-old son named Kito.

Love for Kenyan citizens

Rebekah’s love affair with father and son – both Kenyan citizens – began in October 2012 when she was on a filming course and volunteered as a steward at the Norwich theatre.

Rebekah and Ole Kirkoya’s troupe came to put on a performance of their songs and dances and she was very swayed by them – and planned to visit Kenya, for a nine-week trip, beginning January, 2013.

As she waited for her friend by a shop, she ran into Rempesa, then 37, and even though he couldn’t speak a word of English and she knew no Swahili, they managed to converse with body gestures and facial expressions.

And when she finally landed on Kenyan soil, she officially started a relationship with Ole Kirkoya.

“On that first trip I saw him a number of times, sometimes with his wife, and she would even translate for me so we could chat,” she told Dailymail.

“I remember him saying ‘I love you’ to me and at first I just saw it as friendly, but my feelings started to grow,” she said.

“As a Western woman in Kenya people were suspicious of me, but Rempesa was so kind, buying me food and drinks and always had time for me and made me feel welcome and special.”

I am not jealous, Rempesa’s wife

Uncharacteristically, Rempesa’s first wife, 42-year-old wife Joyce welcomed her into the fold and approved of their relationship.

Although Ole Kirkoya was married with five children – a boy and four girls aged between five and 17 – he told Rebekah their relationship was platonic and his wife Joyce told Rebekah that she was happy for them to marry.

Rempesa and his troupe in March, 2013 would visit the UK for a performance, and on the last night of his tour, they got physical.

She said: “We shared a hotel room together and it was lovely. We talked about getting married and although he didn’t say his marriage was over, and I knew he still lived with his wife, I felt assured they were nothing more than friends.”

Rebekah would again visit Rempesa in December, 2013.

“When I got to the house, Rempesa led me to his bedroom, and Joyce went and stayed with the children. It was strange, but I was just so happy to be with him and I realised then it wouldn’t be a case of him having two wives, although I was happy to live like that. I would be his main wife and they were just friends.”

Rebekah’s friends oppose her choice

Rebekah says her friends opposed her relationship with Ole Kirkoya.

“My friends said I was mad to be running off with a Kenyan man, living in a tin hut with him and his first wife and five children. But there is hardly a huge sea of great guys here in the UK. And I decided when I was there that I didn’t want to be like women here (UK), working all the time.

“In Kenya, it’s like being a British wife in the 1940s. You cook, clean and look after the home and your husband and family and I don’t see anything wrong in that at all. The whole community supports each other and everyone is so happy and friendly. They have a great life.”

In Rempesa’s culture, Rebekah became his wife when she spent a night in his home.

The pair was set to have a wedding ceremony but had to cancel their plans after Rempesa’s first wife, Joyce, died of accidental overdose.

Rebekah said the other villagers blamed her for the incident; but despite threats, she and Rempesa kept their relationship alive.

In February 2015, she fell pregnant and returned to the UK to deliver her baby where it could have British citizenship.

Of break up and falling in love with ex-lover’s son

In the last months of her pregnancy, she and Rempesa broke up. She gave birth to her daughter Arya who died just six weeks later.

Rebekah then had to break the heart-breaking news to Ole Kirkoya over Skype.

Although broken-hearted and grieving, Rebekah craved Kenyan life again and wanted to be back with Rempesa’s family.

But once she returned, she fell in love with Rempesa’s 19-year-old son Lawrence who is still at school – making up for a few missed years through truancy.

Lawrence confessed his feelings for her and their relationship became physical.

Rebekah then fell pregnant with her son Kito in August, 2015.

However, it seems that the pressure of the pregnancy turned the relationship sour and Rebekah returned to the UK to have their son who was born last week.

She is hoping to see Lawrence come to the UK to visit his child and has already sent him £600 (KSh87, 000) despite the fact he is unable to pay child support because he is unemployed, and still in school.


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