Mzazi Willy Tuva: This is the biggest thing Waweru Mburu did for me


Radio Citizen presenter Willy M Tuva has eulogized fallen broadcaster Waweru Mburu as a man who feared nobody, but stood for the truth.

Speaking to eDaily Thursday, Tuva said Waweru Mburu facilitated his dreams of becoming a celebrated radio host.

Tuva recounted: “In another life, I am a cartoon artist. So, back then when I was hustling for a job, I went to Citizen Offices stationed in Nairobi CBD at the time.”

“I met Waweru Mburu and told him about my dreams, and what I am capable of doing when it comes to radio presentation. He did not dismiss me. He allocated time for me, and listened to what I had to say.”

“At that time, there was no opportunity at the radio station. Waweru told me not to lose hope, promising that he would call me when a position opened up.”

“After finishing my studies at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication years later, Waweru phoned and told me that the station needed my services. Radio Programmes Director Fred Afune, and Waweru Mburu interviewed me. I told them I dreamt of doing a show that targets the youth whose playlist would comprise East African music. They put me to task, and were impressed by my presentation skills. That is how Mambo Mseto was conceived.”

“Waweru Mburu was a very good listener. When one talked, he kept silent. Upon completion of your statement, he would respond with a lot of insight. He taught me how to be a good listener: listen more, listen attentively and talk less.

“Another lesson that he taught me was good leadership. Third, he taught me the power of independence – that you should never fear anyone if you are doing right, even if a majority of people want you to do wrong. Waweru did not fear anyone apart from God,” Tuva said, solemnly.

“The biggest thing Waweru Mburu did for me is giving me the opportunity to pursue my radio career, and giving me the freedom to explore new ideas. He was a good boss – firm but honest. He would not micromanage you. He’d just tell you: ‘You have a responsibility to deliver. Do whatever you wish, so long as it is within radio code of conduct.’ Because of that assurance, I have been able to create segments in Mambo Mseto Show, which have done extremely well.”

“I pray God can grant Waweru Mburu’s family strength during this difficult period. However, in the same breath, I urge fans to celebrate the life of a hero who brought sanity in society through his unparalleled commentary on radio.”

Waweru Mburu passed on Wednesday evening at MP Shah Hospital in Nairobi after a long battle with gastric cancer.

Royal Media Service Ltd Chairman Dr SK Macharia, Vice Chair Mrs Gathoni Macharia and Group Managing Director Wachira Waruru condoled with the family terming Mburu’s death as a blow to Royal Media Services and the media industry.

eDaily says: Fare thee well veteran Waweru Mburu.


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