My wife won’t die of cancer! Patrick Musila makes passionate appeal to Kenyans

Despite losing her uterus, Gertrude Nekesa’s husband Patrick Musila avowed to fully support and stand with her PHOTO/EDAILY

“I Patrick Muia Musila married my sweetheart Gertrude Naliaka-Musila the year 2004 and since that time we have never been blessed with a child, it came (sic) worse when my wife was diagnosed with fibroids.

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“We started treating, praying and buying expensive medicines; but all was in vain. When she was admitted in hospital it was a hard time for me due to financial crisis, but God provided for me. Eventually, her whole womb was removed, leaving me hopeless but trusting in God.

“I really talked with my honey and I assured her I will never leave her coz (sic) of childlessness because I trust in the Lord that a child is a gift from God and He is the one who knows the reasons, we accepted the situation.

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“My sweetheart developed another problem of tumor on her left cheek changing her face completely but still I stood with my wife by loving her and spending any available money in my pocket to see her health get back to normal. She underwent surgical operation four times at the Thika level 5 Hospital and Kenyatta National Hospital.

“I feel the pain she has gone through. Another sad revelation came to me. It was on Tuesday, September 2016, when my wife was diagnosed with cancer on her left cheek; another journey started of treating deadly disease called cancer in my wife’s body.

“To me, God is above cancer and I am sure God is going to heal her. Cancer has no power over my sweetheart’s body.

“My brothers and sisters wherever you are in Kenya and the whole world I plead for assistance of prayers and financial support in order to cater for my sweetheart bills, I believe she will not die, she will live to see her grand kids, Kenyans stand with me as I start the long process of treating her. I don’t regret marrying her (Gertrude). She belongs to God and me.

“I don’t regret and I will not question why my life is the way it is. He gave me Gertrude and I have come to accept my situation. Cancer will not kill my wife!”

-By Patrick Musila-

Approximately KSh2.5 million is needed for Mrs Musila’s treatment.

To assist Patrick Musila’s wife regain her health, you can send your contribution to: Paybill /Business Number: 631673; account number is 1173523804.

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