My wife was badly beaten up by her lover, top actor Emeka Ike claims


Celebrated Nigerian actor Emeka Ike has accused a church elder of “confusing” his ex-wife Emma Rero, claiming the church elder was pushing Emma into divorcing him (Emeka) so that he (church elder) could hog the actor’s property, which would be given to Emma after a separation.

Emeka and Emma’s 14-year-old marriage crashed to a halt in March this year after a Lagos Island Customary Court dissolved the pair’s union.

Emma, who filed for separation, had accused Emeka of physical and verbal abuse. The court said, in its ruling, that the pair’s marriage was irretrievable, hence it (the court) had no other choice but to terminate the union.

Emeka was granted full custody of their four children by the court.

Emeka, who had pleaded with the court not to grant his wife a divorce from him, says the church elder, who “confused” Emma could send a gang to kill him so that he can get hold of Emeka’s property through Emma. Following the fears, Emeka has relocated from Lagos to Abuja.

Emeka says when he and Emma were undergoing a crisis in their marriage, he would call the church elder, Chris Okotie, to intervene in their troubles, but he (church elder) would not receive his calls.

Speaking to Nigeria’s Vanguard, Emeka Ike said: “The guy who is confusing my wife attends his church. He is one of the elders of the church. It is a church arrangement. When there is crisis in the family, a true man of God should invite both husband and wife with the aim of resolving their differences but Chris Okotie refused to pick my calls.

“Whenever I called him (Okotie) on the telephone, he usually avoided my calls. As a man of God, he was supposed to use his position to save our marriage. I didn’t chase my wife out of my house, I wanted Chris Okotie to advise her to return to her husband but he refused to pick my calls.

“He did not bother to find out what went wrong between us. While I am still alive, my wife was demanding that I should ‘will’ part of my property to her. She shut down a school I spent millions of naira to establish.

“Who was telling her to make such a demand? Where is she taking the property to? What happens to our children who will inherit my property? She was insisting on getting her own share of my property. At that point, I had to leave Lagos for Abuja because some people were strongly behind her and my life was no longer safe. But I’m coming back to Lagos soon,” said Emeka Ike.

“My house and property are still in Lagos. Nothing is hidden under the earth that cannot be unearthed someday. She blackmailed me for what I am not. You will feel sorry for a man whose wife was blackmailed to blackmail the entire family.”

Emeka Ike further claims that his ex-wife was recently beaten up by a man she got into a relationship with after divorcing him (Emeka).

“I must see to the end of this matter because they have put my children out there without a mother. She is in pain wherever she is right now because I know they are dealing with her. I learnt that she was beaten black and blue by one wife snatcher sometime ago on Lagos-Ibadan road. My own wife beaten up like a common criminal!

“I want to know what has gone wrong with my wife; I want to know the devil that is behind this. What is the extent of blackmail that brought her to this degrading level? The Inspector General of Police will be investigating into the matter very soon. While doing this, I have to stay away from Lagos because they could be after me,” said Emeka Ike.

The talented Nollywood star nonetheless says he is ready to forgive his wife and even renew their relationship.

“Love never dies. Real love does not die. Forget what we are talking about. The Bible says that ‘love covers multitude of sin.’ She is the mother of my children. She was nobody when I met her, she never knew her father.

“I built a house for her family in Lagos and also in Isoko. I trained her up to the Master’s degree level. I gave her the exposure she needed in life. There are thousands of pretty girls who would want to marry me the first week we got divorced. But I am a gentleman, it is not about marriage for me now, it’s about doing the right thing.

“What is wrong with my woman? If it’s something we can redeem her from, we will still redeem her. Forget about marrying her again. I don’t need to marry again, but I need to know what was wrong with my wife. I need to know why she started blackmailing me.

“Accepting her back is not the problem, but let her confess and get herself back. I believe she’s under the influence of something.”

Vanguard reached out to Emma on the issue, but she insisted that she has moved on with her life and that the marriage is over.

“The marriage is over. I have moved on with my life. I am not willing to talk about it again. His actions have not shown that he’s remorseful.”

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