My marriage is on verge of collapsing due to Diamond links: TV presenter

The marriage of popular Tanzanian TV presenter, Zein Aklan, is at risk of collapsing after several Tanzanian gossip outlets claimed she is secretly seeing award-winning musician Diamond Platnumz.

The Aklan adultery rumours, which are yet to be substantiated, gained impetus on Instagram recently.

The rumours have, consequently, provoked suspicion in the TV host’s husband, Arif Aklan.

The rumours suggested that Diamond’s mum, Sanura Kassim, approves of Zein as the singer’s potential wife.

“I am having a difficult time explaining to my husband that what he read online is completely false. Until recently, he had never read such an allegation against me. Those false reports have caused tension in my marriage. My husband’s kinsmen also do not believe me – that the reports are fabricated,” Zein told Tanzania’s Global Publishers.

“And I would want to clarify that I have not left my husband as sections of the gossip sites report. I am hurting following the false claims, which have placed my marriage in a precarious position.

“Initially, when my husband bumped into those claims online, he brushed them off as false. When online sites and users insisted that I was cheating on him with Diamond, it affected his trust in me. I am urging those propagating the false reports to stop. My marriage is on the verge of collapsing; anytime from now. Furthermore, I do not have any close ties with Diamond,” said Zein.

Diamond Platnumz was unavailable for comment when reached.

Zein Aklan presents a show called ‘Profile and Style’ on Tanzanian TV station, Channel Ten.


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