My life is in danger: Kalembe Ndile

Mavoko Constituency parliamentary aspirant Kalembe Ndile claims his life is in danger after an unknown people stormed his house Wednesday 6am, demanding they be allowed entry into his Syokimau home.

Kalembe said the group drove to his residential area in three cars and knocked on the gate of his homestead, claiming to be auctioneers who had been issued with a court order to access the former Kibwezi MP’s house following an employment dispute.

Mr Ndile called police officers to report the intrusion, leading to the arrest of six suspects. Two of the saloon cars were driven to Mlolongo police station.

The driver of the third car sped off, escaping arrest.

“Today 6am, unknown people drove to my residential area in three saloon cars. They knocked on the main gate, demanding to be allowed access into the compound. It was my daughter who responded to their call. The men told her that they were auctioneers, who had obtained a court order to gain entry into my house and attach my property following an employment dispute,” said Kalembe.

“Honestly, I do not have any unpaid loans or debts. I want to claim that my life, as Kalembe Ndile, is in danger. This shouldn’t be taken lightly. I am urging the government to provide us with security, especially those of us living in Syokimau. Syokimau has become a danger zone.

“When midnight clocks, and it finds you away from home, you better stay where you are because you could be harmed when trying to get to your house in Syokimau. We have had cases of police officers being attacked by thugs,” added Kalembe.

The former Kibwezi MP alleged that Mavoko MP Patrick Makau, among his other political rivals, are behind his troubles.


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