‘My kids used to wipe vomit from my mouth!’: Rapcha opens up on alcoholism

Popular radio presenter Rapcha The Sayantist has stirred a conversation online after opening up about his alcoholism days.

Taking to Twitter on Sunday, the Hot 96 radio host recounted chilling details of what he subjected his family – especially his children – to while an alcoholic.

“My kids used to wipe vomit from my mouth .. it was ugly, it was a bad life and I changed it,” wrote Rapcha.

He further stated that this made him decide to change for the better, hence he quit alcohol and has been sober ever since.

“Stopped drinking for good and decided to focus on my body, food and my career… It’s the best decision I ever made,” he added.

Rapcha’s confession has sparked a myriad of reactions from Kenyans online, with a section of them messaging him for advice on how to quit alcohol.

The radio presenter has now stated that he will soon organize a forum for willing alcoholics and their recovering counterparts to share their stories.

“A couple of brothers have reached out to me for help with alcoholism, am not a professional I’ll just share my story… am arranging a meeting soon … Each one teach one and help where you can,” he said.

A large number of Kenyans on Twitter, including a number of celebrities, have since congratulated Rapcha for his bold move of quitting alcohol.

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