My husband dumped me after having “enough sex” with me – Migori woman


A woman from Migori County has sensationally claimed that her husband, a senior county government officer in Migori, dumped her because he “has had enough sex with her”.

Pamela Apolo says her husband of 21 years abandoned her with children and eloped with another woman whom he is allegedly funding.

Mrs. Apolo says the clandestine activities of her husband began when he landed a higher paying job at the County Government of Migori. She recounts her husband could return home clad in different attire from the ones he wore in the morning when he left for work.

And when she inquired, her husband was quick to shut the chatter; saying a person of a prominent caliber as his, has an additional wardrobe in the office.

Pamela says she investigated her husband’s movements and realised she was staying with another woman, a former bar attendant in Migori town.

The distressed wife has further accused her husband of violence – claiming he made her to suffer a miscarriage in the past.

The alleged philandering man has hit back, saying he is legally married to the second woman; and that he has fulfilled his parental duties with the first wife beyond basic obligation.

He says he has been giving his first wife her conjugal rights – and that she has no justification to accuse him of negligence. He instead accuses the wife of working hard to taint his image, considering the lucrative position he holds in the county government.

The man, however, admits they have been having issues with the first wife; and he has accused the woman of being a troublemaker.

Report by George Juma; writing by Brian Okoth.


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