My house help threatened to kill my son-Tina Kagia

Classic 105 Presenter Tina Kagia on Saturday, November 21 revealed that her house help had threatened to kill her son.

Through a post on her official Facebook page, the radio host told how the 25-year-old help issued the threat before quickly backtracking, saying that she has a loose mouth.

Kagia wrote: “She (house help) said to my son ‘one day mummy atakuja apate umefungwa kwa kiti na hausongi juu umedie”

 (Translation: one day your mum will come home and find you’re tied to the chair, motionless because you’ll be dead).

The radio queen, who is married to comedian Nathan Kimani (J.B. Masanduku), said her house help was unaware she (Kagia) was standing right behind her at the time she was making the bloodcurdling comment

“I was right there! Then she says ati pole ni kuropokwa (I’m sorry, it was a slip of the tongue)!” told the infuriated mother of two.

It is understood she has since fired the ‘monster’ housekeeper.

Ms Kagia attached a scanned copy of the house help’s national identification card, warning other mothers to shy away from hiring her.

Ms Kagia and Nathan have a two-year-old son and an eight-year old daughter from Tina’s previous relationship.

The two wedded in 2014 at a private ceremony that was preceded by certificate signing at the Attorney General’s office.

In a 2014 interview, Ms Kagia said motherhood is her priority, and she cannot trade it for anything else.

“For now I am more or less a full time mummy. I love to keep my home in order. Plus, I help my husband Nathan (JB Masanduku) with his biasharas. We also have an entertainment production company called 1357, which we run together with Nathan’s friend Wati.”


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