My experience with a ‘mannerless’ Nairobi woman – Suzanna Owiyo


Afro-fusion musician Suzanna Owiyo has recounted how a “mannerless” Nairobi woman wanted to forcefully sip her drink while reveling at an entertainment joint last Saturday.

Taking to her official Twitter page on Tuesday, Ms Owiyo said: “How Nairobi ladies lack manners… Was at a joint last Saturday supporting one of my friends, who had a concert, then this lady came to me, [and said] ‘naweza kunywa pombe yako nikiendaga… [Can I drink your liquor as I step out]?

“I asked her: ‘Why do you think you should have my drink?’ [And, she told me] ‘because huyu beste yangu anakupenda [because my friend right here likes you].”

The musician did not document what transpired, thereafter.

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