My daughter wasn’t beaten up by Diamond’s mum: Hamisa Mobetto’s mother


Hamisa Mobetto’s mother, Shufaa Lutigunga, now claims her video vixen daughter was not beaten up by Diamond Platnumz’s mother, Sanura Kassim, in mid May.

Speaking last weekend at an Iftar dinner organised to celebrate orphans in Dar es Salaam, Ms Lutigunga said Ms Mobetto was not in Tanzania, when reports about her beating surfaced.

She, therefore, implied there was no way Ms Kassim beat Ms Mobetto up because “she [Mobetto] was not in the country on the date(s) the alleged beating took place”.

She now says Hamisa Mobetto’s “haters” are responsible for the “false” reports.

Ms Lutigunga urged online users to refrain from cyber-bullying her daughter, saying: “It is having a toll on her – both emotionally and mentally.”

It would be remembered that on May 18, 2018, Diamond Platnumz’s Madale home reportedly turned into a theatre of chaos after Ms Kassim, alias Bi Sandra, clobbered Hamisa Mobetto.

The beating was so thorough that Hamisa Mobetto’s wig fell off during the scuffle, Tanzania’s Global Publishers reported.

The vicious fight started when Ms Kassim bumped into Hamisa Mobetto at Diamond Platnumz’s Madale home, which is located in the outskirts of Dar es Salaam.

Global Publishers reported that were it not for Diamond Platnumz’s quick intervention, Hamisa Mobetto could have sustained serious injuries.

Diamond managed to whisk Ms Mobetto to his car and ordered his driver to speed off before Ms Kassim could inflict more harm on the video vixen.

Diamond’s mother does not approve of Ms Mobetto as her potential daughter-in-law, Global Publishers said.

Sources, who spoke to the outlet, revealed that Diamond Platnumz was so fraught with anger that he confronted his mother, something that the “Sikomi” star has never done in the past.

Sources close to Diamond’s family said Ms Kassim wants her son to marry his immediate ex-lover, Zari Hassan, and not Hamisa Mobetto.

Following the Madale fight, Diamond’s sisters Queen Darleen and Esma Platnumz sided with their mother, Sanura Kassim.

Queen Darleen was quoted in several Tanzanian media outlets saying she prefers Zari to any other woman, when it comes to helping Diamond make a choice for a wife.

Esma Platnumz, on the other hand, was quoted professing her approval of Diamond’s ex-lover Wema Sepetu. Esma, however said, in a past interview, that she has nothing against Zari Hassan.

Diamond Platnumz’s father, Abdul Juma, faulted Ms Kassim for beating up Ms Mobetto.

“She (Ms Kassim) did not do a good thing. I do not approve of what she did. She shouldn’t meddle in her son’s love affairs. I do not know how she would have felt had Hamisa beaten up her son. It does not paint a good picture, at all!” said Mr Juma.






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