Musician’s wife posts video while crying, with words: “I work hard but you still cheat on me with 18-19-year-old girls”


Olinda Chapel, the wife of top Zimbabwean rapper Stunner, has accused him of infidelity.

According to a video Chapel posted on Facebook on Thursday – which has since gone viral –, her husband has the habit of sleeping with teenagers.

Rapper Stunner with wife Olinda Chapel [PHOTO/COURTESY]

Rapper Stunner with wife Olinda Chapel [PHOTO/COURTESY]

Chapel also claimed that she has bee funding Stunner’s extravagant lifestyle and she got nothing good from him in return, but pain.

She said: “Stunner Desmond Chideme is an [expletive], look at me; I’m a very hardworking woman, I work seven days in a week, for a man to start cheating on me, sleeping with 18 – 19-year-old girls, is a shame. I’m disappointed in this man.”

Chapel further said she had been told countless times that her husband was unfaithful and that she should leave him, but she did not listen.


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