Musician TID and estranged wife in bitter battle


Tanzanian musician TID and his estranged wife Shekha Mdogo are embroiled in a bruising child custody battle, which has left the ex-pair hurling insults at each other publicly.

Ms Mdogo claims TID, whose real name is Khaleed Mohamed, is fighting for the custody of a 3-year-old child “who he did not sire”.

The German-based woman says she is disappointed by how TID “is bragging around” on being her daughter’s father, yet “that is far from the truth”.

“I am thinking the hard drugs and substances that TID is abusing are having extreme negative effects on him. This child is not his. I had already taken the child’s DNA samples and matched them with the man I suspected had sired my little girl. And, the DNA test results came out positive. That man was not TID. He [father of child] resides in Tanzania. I am wondering why TID is insisting on being the biological father of my child, [yet Science has disapproved his conviction],” Ms Mdogo told Tanzania’s Global Publishers.

“I wish TID would stop referring to my daughter as his. If anything, my daughter does not know who TID is. We relocated from Tanzania when my daughter was one year and ten months old. Today, she is 3 years old.”

When reached for comment, TID said he was “shocked” by Ms Mdogo’s allegations.

“I am taken aback by this woman’s claims. I remember when she was leaving Tanzania [for Germany] one-and-a-half years ago, I was presented as the girl’s father, which made it possible for her to fly out of the country with the girl. I have documental proof of the child’s paternity. The girl is my daughter and it will remain that way, forever!”

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