Musician Mejja: Why I nearly committed suicide

One third of The Kansoul music group, Mejja, has revealed his year-long battle with suicidal ideation after his girlfriend ditched him in 2017.

Mejja, whose real name is Meme Hadhija, said that he was informed of his girlfriend’s decision via text.

Speaking recently on Radio Jambo midmorning show, hosted by Annita Raey, Mejja said the break up resulted in him developing depression.

The “Niko Poa” hit-maker says his then-lover did not disclose the reason for her decision to quit the relationship.

The split, according to the artiste, occurred in early 2017.

Mejja says it has taken him nearly a year to get over his ex-girlfriend, whom he had stayed with for five years.

“We’d lived together for two years, and never did I think she would opt out of the relationship. Everything was looking up,” said Mejja.

At the time, the musician said he, Kid Kora and Madtraxx had released their hit single “Bablas” and endorsements were coming his way.

The rapper says, on the break-up day, he had gone to Thika to seal a deal he had landed with an alcoholic drink brand, when his lover texted him to say she was done with their relationship.

“I got a text, which read: ‘Move on with your life’,” said Mejja.

“I thought that I wasn’t the intended owner of the text, and chose to ignore it,” added the musician.

“I later, after completing my deal signing, called my girlfriend, but she did not pick up the phone. That was when reality dawned on me that she’d indeed left me,” Mejja narrated.

The musician further revealed that when he got home, he found his girlfriend’s belonging, including clothes and bags, missing.

“She moved out with our daughter. Our then-housekeeper was also missing. I was in disbelief and confusion. I could not believe I would be separated from my daughter,” said Mejja.

Mejja said depression set in, thereafter.

“I had no one to share my problems with. Being a man, I am not expected to be going around speaking about my personal issues,” said Mejja, adding: “It got to a point I could not sleep.”

“I contemplated suicide. Though, after speaking to Madtraxx about my woes, I learnt how to accept fate and move on. He helped me,” said Mejja.

The musician has since found new love.

”Right now, I am happy. I even think what befell me was a blessing in disguise.”

Mejja, in the interview, urged men to speak out, when faced with difficult situations, which may result in them developing suicidal thoughts.








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