Murang’a twins with “insatiable appetite for food” hospitalised


Twins from Boro village in Kigumo, Murang’a County have been hospitalized at the Murang’a Level 5 Hospital for exhibiting peculiar habits.

Samson Mwangi and Benson Kimwaki allegedly have an insatiable appetite, detest wearing clothes and they are also accused of being violent.

The twins’ father, John Kiiru Mwangi, says he has never known peace since the boys were born.

Kiiru, who is unemployed, says his wife Mary Waithera is more distressed than him.

He says she could not even leave her home’s vicinity as the twins would destroy crops and nearly every object in sight.

Waithera says despite having insufficient food to feed her family, the boys would selfishly “eat a whole pot full of githeri, and still never get satisfied.”

She added that the vicenarian pair would dump food on the floor and eat it from there.

Neigbours blamed area leaders for failing to assist the distressed family, even after being approached severally.

Rev. Benson Mburu of Assembly Christian Church, Kinyona – who took the twins to hospital for a medical assessment and treatment – said he was moved by the family’s plea after his congregant informed him about the troubles facing Kiiru’s family.



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