Muhando asked to return to Tanzania: Kenyans’ reactions


Kenyans have taken to social media to throw their support, prayers and encouragement behind gospel musician Rose Muhando, who is currently undergoing a period of difficulties.

Ms Muhando’s woes were laid bare early this week, when a video showing Kenyan pastor, James Ng’ang’a, “casting demons out of the singer”, went viral online.

During her confessions to Mr Ng’ang’a, Ms Muhando alleged that her former manager, Nathan, planted evil spirits in her; and that the fiends have been the biggest cause of her tribulations.

Following her remarks, the Tanzanian Music Foundation, via its secretary, Stella Joel, asked Ms Muhando to return to the country for “speacialised medical treatment”.

When that story was posted to Citizen TV Kenya Facebook page, it received thousands of reactions, including comments and shares.

Below are sampled Facebook comments made by Kenyans in regard to Ms Muhando’s story:

Flora Ndunge said: “It is only foolish people who would comment negatively about Rose Muhando. Real believers understand that the journey of salvation is not a bed of roses; that the path of eternity is lined up with obstacles, trials, tribulations and setbacks. A believer would be on his or her knees praying for Rose, and not criticising her.”

Jane Baraka said: “Rose Muhando’s tribulations remind me of Job in the Bible. What she is going through now are trying moments. All those mocking her will be surprised by what God is going to do for her. My prayers are with Ms Muhando.”

Brian Mulandi said: “I think Rose Muhando is going through depression. Losing your lifetime properties can disorientate you. May the Lord see her through these trying moments.”

Paul Gacheru said: “Rose needs love and financial help from all her fans, not condemnations.”

James Kilai said: “What Rose needs is counseling; she, [most likely], is suffering from depression. About the demons, I am not so sure.”

Joseph Karuga said: “I believe she can get all the help here in Kenya. Let a Paybill number be put up.”

Samwel Samba said: “Did the relevant Tanzanian agencies have to wait this long for them to intervene in Ms Muhando’s situation? That’s quite embarrassing.”

Wanjiru Muya said: “It is sad that the Internet has turned some people into cold human beings. Being a gospel musician, pastor or politician does not mean that you won’t face obstacles. Depression is real. It creeps in without notice. Don’t laugh or make fun of someone else’s sufferings.”


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