Mr Seed opens up on recording ‘Superstar’ song after lover Nimo left him

Kenyan Gospel singer Mr Seed and lover Nimo Gachuiri are presently riding high with their ‘Superstar’ track released over two weeks ago.

But, as the singer has some out to reveal, the initial version of the track was not recorded with pomp and glamour as it seems.

Mr Seed, speaking in a video uploaded to his YouTube channel, revealed that he recorded the song when they were undergoing a temporary separation.

“When I went to record the song in the studio, you (looking at Nimo) had left me…we were having issues, so when I went to the studio I was low,” said Mr Seed.

“The producer made the beat and I made it (the song) there and sent it to her (Nimo) and she came back to me,” he added, laughing.

Nimo however clarified that: “I did not come back to you (Mr Seed) because of the song…he made me listen to the song after we had gotten back together. And the song was amazing, I felt like he was speaking to me from the heart.”

“Since then I have been pressuring him to release the song because I felt it was amazing and people also need to hear it.”

Nimo further narrated how she ended up recording a verse in the song on a day when she had visited Mr Seed in the studio with their child, Gold, and he randomly suggested that she records.

The ‘Simama’ hitmaker added that after the audio recording, the video shoot was postponed almost three times because each time it had been scheduled Nimo would bring an excuse to push it further due to such reasons as hair issues or lack of appropriate clothing.

Mr Seed early last month officially paid dowry for his longtime lover Nimo and the couple is now set for a formal wedding.

The dowry payment ceremony, commonly known as ‘ruracio’ among the Kikuyu community, was held at Ms. Gachuiri’s parents’ home in Kasarani.

Below is the ‘Superstar’ video:

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