Mr Seed: How Bahati mistreated my girlfriend on New Year’s Eve


Gospel musician Mr Seed has opened up on claims that his counterpart, Bahati, mistreated his partner, Nimo Gachuiri, on December 31, 2018.

Mr Seed, whose real name is Moses Tarus Omondi, recently ditched Bahati’s EMB Records, raising eyebrows on their rumoured strained relationship at the time.

And during an interview on Radio Jambo on Tuesday, February 5, Mr Seed confirmed allegations that Bahati threw Ms Gachuiri out of an EMB concert, which was held in Thika Sub-County on New Year’s Eve.

Ms Gachuiri, a caterer by profession, had decided to sell coffee to revelers at the event, a move, which angered Bahati, who ordered for her ejection from the function. Ms Gachuiri was seven months pregnant at the time.

After receiving orders of her ejection, Ms Gachuiri informed Mr Seed.

“Nimo called; and told me: ‘Babe, security agents have been called to throw us out. After a while, police officers arrived at the venue and kicked out my pregnant girlfriend,” Mr Seed told Massawe Japanni.

“I, thereafter, called Bahati and told him: “Bro, now this shows how respect between us has deteriorated to an irretrievable low.”

Mr Seed revealed that Bahati rebuffed his request that he allows Nimo to sell coffee at the EMB concert.

On top of that, Mr Seed, who performed at the function, did not receive pay for his work, claimed the former EMB musician.

Mr Seed and Bahati, who have known each other for 16-plus years, thereafter, fell out irredeemably.

According to sources, who spoke to EDAILY, Bahati’s wife, Diana Marua, wanted to sell coffee at the December 31 function – and, as a result, wanted to lock out Nimo Gachuiri from that business opportunity.

Ms Gachuiri had sold coffee in a previous similar event – held on December 31, 2017 – and, according to sources, she made “crazy” profits.

“When Nimo pulled a first one on the Bahatis in 2018, Bahati and his wife got angry and pushed Nimo out. It was so unfortunate and embarrassing. Mark you, Nimo was heavily pregnant at the time; and all that played out in the presence of her parents,” said the informant.

Mr Seed said he “was the one who introduced Bahati into the gospel industry” and he feels betrayed, given “I have been a good friend to him, who wouldn’t do anything to hurt him”.

Nimo has since had her baby shower, but the Bahatis did not show up at the last week event.

When reached for comment, Bahati said he won’t comment on the issue, saying “God will reveal the truth soon”.

Mr Seed says he has since “forgiven” Bahati, and that he can’t rule out working with him.

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