Mr Nice’s condition disturbing – Ugandan singer Jose Chameleone

Legendary Ugandan singer Dr Jose Chameleone disclosed he is ‘disturbed’ by veteran Bongo Flava artsite Lucas Mkenda alias Mr Nice’s condition after the Fagilia hitmaker was hospitalised.

Mr Nice was rushed to Kahama Hospital in Shinyanga, Tanzania September 8 after an intense case of food poisoning.

Taking to his official Facebook page, Chameleone wrote: “Lucas Mkenda ‘Mr Nice’, I love, pray and believe that God will see you through. I have been informed about your illness.”

“I care; I am so disturbed by how you are. I ask Allah to keep you alive as a great African son,” added the music bigwig.

Mr Nice believes that political rivalry is the main cause of his latest predicament, adding that since he declared interest in politics, his rivals want to completely eliminate him.

“Political campaigns are just a passing thing; we should know life continues after election. It’s very unfortunate my affiliation in politics landed me in hospital,” Mr Nice wrote on social media after his condition stabilised.

The bongo artiste also thanked his family and friends for saving his life, adding that were it not for their efforts, he could be dead and buried.

Lucas Mkenda’s songs dominated the airwaves in early 2000 but it is believed his plush lifestyle and abuse of alcohol pulled him back to poverty.

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