Mr Nice responds to photos showing him emaciated

Just a few days after disquieting images showing his frame drastically reduced and his health quickly becoming the subject of social media discussion, veteran Bongo Flava artiate Lucas Mkenda alias ‘Mr Nice’ has affirmed his well-being.

A photo that shows Mr. Nice’s emaciated frame has worried many of his fans – with some claiming that the singer is gradually wasting away.

The Fagilia star has now come out to assure his fans that all is well.

He confirmed that he is indeed the subject of the photograph, but says the image is not a reflection of himself today.

Mr Nice states that the portrait was taken in September, 2015 after he had suffered food poisoning.

“The picture was taken way back. Can you remember the period I suffered food poisoning? That’s when the photograph was taken.”

“I thank God I survived the life-threatening incident. I was given medicine that I still take to date. Truthfully speaking, I had lost a lot of weight. Currently I have regained some kilograms, and I am no longer as feeble as I was in that picture which is doing the rounds on social media,” Mr Nice told Ijumaa Newspaper.

The singer, nonetheless, admitted that he has not fully recovered from the food poisoning he suffered.

Food poisoning

On September 8th last year, Mr Nice was rushed to Kahama Hospital in Shinyanga, Tanzania after an intense case of food poisoning.

The singer stated that political rivalry was the main cause of his predicament, adding that since he declared interest in politics, his rivals were out to eliminate him.

“Political campaigns are just a passing thing; we should know life continues after election. It’s very unfortunate my political interest landed me in hospital,” Mr Nice wrote on social media after his condition stabilised.

The one-time East Africa’s heavy-hitter also thanked his family and friends for saving his life, adding that were it not for their prompt response, he would have died.

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