Mr Nice left stranded after being robbed by gun-wielding gang in Westlands


Veteran Tanzanian singer Lucas Mkenda, popularly known as Mr Nice, was robbed Friday night by unknown people shortly after appearing on a TV interview.

The singer who was headed for a performance at a club in Westlands, Nairobi was driving with his crew when a pursuant gang blocked them and stole from them at gun point.

“A car which seemingly was trailing us sped from behind and blocked us. Around four armed men jumped out of their car and pointed guns toward us. They stole our phones, laptops and my KSh70, 000. They also made away with my passport which was in a bag that they took with them. I plead with the robbers to drop the passport at any police station of their choice or somewhere public where I can get it. They also broke our car window,” Mr Nice told eDaily.

“I have reported the incident to authorities.”

This is another incident where a celebrity was robbed over the weekend.

Kenyan comedian Fred Omondi’s house in Garden Estate, Nairobi was raided by ostensibly armed robbers on Friday, September 9 and valuables worth KSh900, 000 made away with.

Mr Omondi who was not at his house at the time of the incident suspects a close friend could have drew up the theft, and worked closely with a watchman to execute their plan.

“The thieves made away with valuables worth KSh900, 000. They stole my two LED television sets, a laptop computer, a desktop computer, a home theatre, furniture, gas cooker, a bed and a mattress among other chattels. Simply put: my house was emptied!” Fred Omondi exclusively told eDaily.

“The thieves who broke into my house seemingly were well armed and could have killed anyone that they came across in the house, including myself. When I assess how they broke into my house, pointers indicate it was done using high-tech armory. They did not break the house using crude weapons such as stones or hard metallic objects, and they were seemingly prepared to kill any occupant they’d bump into,” said the wisecracker.

“I reported the matter at Kasarani Police Station and I was really surprised at how swift our Kenyan security officers are. Once I filed my report, the police boss immediately assigned four officers who accompanied me to my house. They had cameras and arms with them.”

“However, I thank God I am fine.  I am supposed to follow up on progress of investigations with the police on Tuesday, September 13. I am currently putting up at my elder brother’s (Eric Omondi) house,” said Fred Omondi.



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