Mr Nice finally opens up about his HIV status


Tanzanian singer Mr Nice, born Lucas Mkenda, has dismissed rumours, which – in the past – suggested he was HIV positive.

Speaking to a Tanzanian entertainment outlet recently, Mr Nice termed the rumours “unfounded”.

“People who peddled those rumours were out to tarnish my name. (I am not HIV positive). If my mum was alive, she would have firmly defended me against such allegations. She would have urged people not to circulate the rumours. Entertainers whose mothers are alive enjoy protection by their mothers,” Mr Nice said while responding to a question why he, sometime back, wept when he was performing his song titled Mama.

Speculations about Mr Nice’s HIV status flew into online space in 2013, and would resurface in 2016 after pictures of his reduced frame were shared on social media. He would, indirectly, refute rumours that he was HIV positive.

Mr Nice, a father of two, accuses his Tanzanian fans of looking down on him, ridiculing and disrespecting him.

He says he receives a lot of love and support from his Kenyan fans.

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