MP’s widow recounts what transpired on night her husband was shot dead in cold blood



Susan Nyawira Muchai, the widow of the late Kabete Member of Parliament (MP) George Muchai told the High Court that she sensed her husband was a disturbed man on the night he was fatally shot in February 7, 2015.

Mrs Muchai recounted how people unknown to them approached and greeted them, when they were lounging at the VIP area in Galileo, Westlands.

“My relationship with Muchai was cordial, that explains why we’d go for family outings at least twice every month,” Susan told the court.

Susan told the court that on the fateful night of February 6, 2015, she was driving in the company of her two daughters, a nephew and her sister.

Muchai’s car, which had the MP, a driver and the legislator’s two bodyguards, on the other hand, trailed them from behind.

The widow told the court that they had “had fun” at a night club in Westlands before going to Galileo.

“We later left Galileo at around 2:30am. As we were driving toward GPO, I took a left turn on the path to Koinange Street, but shortly thereafter, we heard gun shots behind us,” Susan said amid tears.

After hearing the gun shots, Susan said she tried calling her husband and his driver but the phone calls went unanswered.

“I panicked, and immediately took a U-turn to go look for my husband. On reaching the scene of shooting, I found my husband, his driver, two bodyguards had been killed in cold blood. The police had arrived at the scene,” said Susan.

Susan further recounted to the court that on February 7, 2015, her husband had returned from a trip in Mombasa, but did not speak about any fears over his life.

Muchai and Susan were married for 24 years.

Seven people (two women and five men) are in police custody over Muchai’s murder.

The inquest continues on October 12.

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