MPs in gun drama at market

Report by Shadrack Ilava for EDAILY.

Mwingi Central Member of Parliament (MP) Joe Mutambu has claimed that his life is in danger after his Bura North counterpart Ali Wario allegedly threatened him with a gun Thursday.

Mutambu had accused Wario of being behind ethnic clashes between members of the Kamba and Somali communities at the border of Kitui and Tana River Counties that has seen many lives lost in recent past.

Mutambu claims Wario barred IEBC officials from accessing Mwingi town to register new voters at Mwanzele Market, situated in Mwingi East Sub-County on the border of Kitui and Tana River Counties.

According to Mutambu, he had taken voter registration drive to Mwanzele Market, which is inhabited by members of Somali and Kamba ethnic communities on Thursday, before Wario arrived and allegedly interrupted the exercise, while accusing Mutambu of “stealing his votes” by mobilizing members of the Kamba community (Mutambu’s ethnic inclination) to register en masse.

Mutambu who recently defected to Jubilee Party from Wiper Party and the IEBC officials were forced to flee the area, after a surging crowd, allegedly brought by MP Wario, who has expressed interest in defending his post on the Jubilee Party ticket, became hostile and started throwing stones at them.

Mutambu claims during the chaos, MP Wario kicked biometric voter registration kits, before reaching out for his gun to aim at Mutambu – but Wario stopped when Mutambu dared him to shoot him.

Mutambu has since reported the matter at Ukasi Police Station, where he recorded a statement claiming that his life is in danger.

He has urged Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinett to order investigations into the case, which he has accused Wario of threatening him with a gun.

MP Ali Wario, nonetheless, says he won’t be scared by Mutambu, calling him (Mutambu) a thief who has “come to steal his votes”.


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