MPs do nothing for Kenyans; I will do away with them if elected President: Presidential hopeful

Nyamira Senator Kennedy Mong’are Bwokong’o, who has expressed interest in running for President in the August 8 general election, has said he will scrape off the National Assembly because Members of Parliament “do a lot of nothing”.

Mr Bwokong’o says lawmakers spend quite a chunk of their time in office “doing nothing” in the capital Nairobi, instead of attending to their constituents’ needs.

Speaking in Kuria East, where he was selling his presidential policies on Monday, Mr Bwokong’o claimed the country is headed in the wrong direction with the current leadership, inclusive of the MPs.

He fired at President Uhuru Kenyatta, saying he was bereft of leadership skills and was determined to slowly sink the country into oblivion.

Mr Bwokong’o, who clinched the Nyamira senatorial seat on a Ford Kenya ticket in 2013, believes he is better-placed to fight graft in the country because he “has no affiliations to the corrupt”.

Doing away with MPs? Untenable

Doing away with MPs is, however, untenable because the Constitution of Kenya enacted in 2010 clearly outlines the functions of Members of Parliament, which are: representation, making legislations and oversight.

Amending Chapter 7 and 8 of the Constitution on representation and the legislature will require the verdict of the country’s populace through a referendum.  The President cannot unilaterally decide to do away with National Assembly or even amend the functions of the legislature.


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