MP prefers Wamalwa over mum in Nairobi Governor’s bid


Mathare MP Steve Kariuki has urged members of the Kikuyu community living in Nairobi to support Water and Irrigation Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa for Nairobi governor’s seat in the 2017 General Election.

Mr Kariuki argued that if the Kikuyu community support CS Wamalwa’s bid for the capital city’s top job, then members of the Luhya community in Western Kenya would “automatically” vote for President Uhuru Kenyatta in next year’s polls.

Kariuki who was hosted in Gatundu town by area legislator Moses Kuria said they are committed to seeing President Kenyatta clinch a second term with over 70 percent of the votes that would be cast across the country. And according to him, the western bloc would play a vital role in ensuring that Kenyatta is re-elected with a super majority.

“My own mother Bishop Margaret Wanjiru is a candidate for governor of Nairobi County. Despite undertaking grassroots campaigns, she acknowledges Nairobi is a cosmopolitan area which should not be governed by members of one community. We shouldn’t thump our chests, saying ‘Nairobi is ours’. We are ready to work with CS Eugene Wamalwa or any other politician who will vie for Nairobi governor on Jubilee ticket,” said MP Kariuki.

Kuria observed: “Members of the Kikuyu community living in Nairobi voted for Kabete MP Ferdinand Waititu for Nairobi governor in 2013. However, the votes were not enough to make him ascend to the helm of county leadership. I am almost certain the number of votes from members of our community (Kikuyu) will remain the same.

“I have held conversations with leaders from western Kenya, and they told me: ‘if you endorse a leader from our community for the Nairobi gubernatorial seat, then we will overwhelmingly vote for Uhuru Kenyatta in 2017.’ I am urging my people, let us use our minds. Let’s endorse and vote for Wamalwa for Nairobi governor and Uhuru will win the presidency by 70 percent as a result of votes from the western bloc. There is no need of fielding a candidate who we are sure will lose,” said MP Moses Kuria.

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