MP Kamama speaks on claims linking him to murder of Baringo political rival

National Assembly Security committee chairman Asman Kamama has refuted claims linking him to the murder of Tiaty Constituency Parliamentary aspirant Pepee Kitambaa and Loyamorok Member of the County Assembly (MCA) Kibet Cheretei, who were shot dead at a nightclub in the town of Marigat 3am Saturday, February 18.

The wife of the late Mr Kitambaa, Mary Chebet, says she has no concrete information why her husband was killed, but suspects it was planned by her political rivals, considering out of the group that her husband was part of, it is he and the MCA who were targeted and killed.

Mr Kitambaa’s family on Saturday morning pointed the finger of suspicion at Asman Kamama, who is the current Tiaty legislator, urging the government to probe Kamama, who according to them, is the first suspect in the killing of the two Tiaty Constituency politicians.

Speaking in Mombasa on Saturday, February 18, MP Kamama denied allegations linking him to the murder of the two, saying he too, according to intelligence reports, is being targeted by the assassins.

“I cannot do that (kill political rivals) because… First of all at the scene of attack, where these people were sitting, quite a number of people, there were some (political) aspirants associated with me. To say that I orchestrated the killings, (it is not true). I am above that. I cannot do such things. I believe in meeting anybody at the ballot and squaring off with them, not really through assassinations and killings. I cannot do that!”

The Tiaty Constituency lawmaker has called upon the government security agencies to speed up probe into the murder of the two Baringo politicians.

“We will not entertain such killings, and I want the government, the Inspector General (of Police), the Cabinet Secretary for Interior, the Director of Criminal Intelligence to go to the bottom of this matter. We cannot entertain a situation where people are hit with bullets when having drinks. So, this murder was planned, the intelligence is that they (murder planners) have been targeting six leaders in Tiaty Constituency. I happen to be one of those leaders who are targeted,” said MP Kamama.

Mr Kitambaa was set to face off with Kamama in the Jubilee nominations later in April.

Baringo Police Commander, Peter Ndung’u, said the two, who were in the company of five other people, were gunned down while entertaining themselves.

The vehicles belonging to the politicians were also destroyed during the attack, with that of the MCA being set ablaze while that of Mr Kitambaa, vandalized.

Mr Ndung’u, the Baringo police boss, said the assassins had concealed their identities by way of masking themselves and were armed with machetes and an AK47 assault rifle.



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