MP Jaguar smashing own cars so as to receive compensation from insurance firms? He responds


Starehe Member of Parliament (MP) Charles Njagua Kanyi alias Jaguar has dismissed claims doing the rounds on social media that he has developed a habit of smashing his own cars so that he can receive compensation from insurance firms; and upon receiving the compensation, he would repurchase the mangled wreck of his car at a throw-away price, repair it and sell it at a hefty price.

These claims come after a vehicle in the legislator’s motorcade was involved in a road accident on Kenyatta road in Juja, Kiambu County on Sunday, November 26. Three people, Jaguar’s two bodyguards and driver, were injured in the crash, which occurred after a Mercedes Benz Kompressor, which the three were driving in, rammed into a lorry headed the same direction. Jaguar was not in the Mercedes Benz at the time of the accident.

Another accident, which saw Jaguar put on the spot, occurred in March, 2017 in Makutano, Kirinyaga County, when his Range Rover knocked down two men, killing them on the spot. Jaguar would come out to claim his girlfriend was the one driving the Range Rover.

A social media user Ombui Oire took to Facebook on Sunday to claim Jaguar’s series of accidents was “unusual” and that he is “intentionally” smashing the cars to receive compensation from insurance firms and, thereafter, repossess the mangled wreck for trade purposes.

“Jaguar has been involved in multiple car accidents which is not real in normal life,” said Mr Oire.

“Jaguar has a contract with insurance companies in which he buys salvage (written off) cars, which he later buys to sell. Him being in the business, he has connections with big fishes in that industry to an extent he has become fraudulent. He buys expensive cars and insures them exorbitantly, and after a month or so, he fakes an accident in which he wins the claim and gets compensation. After compensation, he repurchases his mangled car at a throw away price. So, it is a cycle. So, don’t think that much of Jaguar’s money comes from music,” said Mr Oire.


eDaily sought Jaguar’s comment on Mr Oire’s allegations. The lawmaker says he would not risk people’s lives for few millions of Kenyan shillings.

“They are claiming I am smashing my cars so as to receive compensation from insurance firms. First of all, my two vehicles, which were involved in road accidents on different dates, were new and functioning. The big question is: why would I smash a new car so that insurance firms give me money to buy yet another new car?

“Why would people think I am too callous to an extent that I’d want two people dead in one accident, and risk the lives of three in another car crash so that I get compensation from insurance companies? I was not driving the Range Rover which caused a fatal accident in Makutano, Kirinyaga County in March this year; my girlfriend was behind the wheel, neither was I driving the Mercedes Benz Kompressor, which was involved in an ugly crash on Kenyatta road in Juja on Sunday, November 26.

“In both incidents, Jaguar was not behind the wheels. Honestly, how can I cause an accident when I am not the person driving any of the two vehicles?” posed the MP.

“Someone is out to tarnish my name, someone wants to make false accusations because he or she has the freedom of using his social media timeline in a manner he so wishes. It is not fair, but I won’t concentrate much on them. Let them say whatever they want to say,” concluded the lawmaker.

MP Jaguar says one of his bodyguards admitted at the Kenyatta National Hospital following the Sunday car crash has been discharged, while the other’s health condition has improved, though he remains admitted at the facility. His driver is still in critical condition at the KNH, said the MP.


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