Mourners refuse to take body of man, Paul Ouma, saying he should be buried in expensive coffin ‘befitting his status’


Two factions differed vehemently at the Narok Referral Hospital last weekend, with one party accusing the other of misappropriating money meant to a buy a coffin for their dead loved one.

According to the mourners, they had contributed Ksh22, 000 and not Ksh8, 000, which they suggested had been spent on the casket of the late Paul Ouma, who until his death following a short illness, was the Narok County Luo community chairperson.

The aggrieved party said Mr Ouma’s friends in Rachuonyo, led by Moses Owiga, bought a coffin that “does not befit the status of Mr Ouma”.

The mourners in Narok marched to the morgue, saying they wanted a refund of their contributions, or a new “expensive” coffin be brought to the facility.

Chairperson of the harambee committee, Joseph Orieko, produced receipts to prove the contested casket had actually been bought at Ksh25, 000 and not at Ksh8, 000 as was believed.

Mr Ouma’s family and the committee was forced to return the casket and get another fancy one for Ksh28, 000.

Mr Ouma’s body was, thereafter, released from the morgue, and taken – by road – to Rachuonyo in Homa Bay County for burial.

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