Mother of Bongo Flava musician killed 2 days after the singer was arrested over sex tape


The step-mother of controversial Tanzanian musician Amber Rutty was killed on October 28, two days after Rutty was arrested for engaging in anal sex and sharing the videos on social media.

Amber Rutty’s mother, Halima Ibrahim, was killed by unknown people at her home on Bomba-Mbili in Ruvuma.

The musician’s father, Abubakary Abdul, said Halima, 68, had gone outside the house for prayers, when a gang of three men ambushed and hit her on the head with a blunt object, killing her on the spot. The motive behind the killing remains unclear.

“I don’t know why they killed my wife. She did not have differences with anyone,” said Abdul.

The attackers stole a phone and Tsh8, 000 (Ksh360) from Halima.

Abdul said Halima took care of Amber Rutty throughout her childhood after Rutty’s biological mother died in 1993.

Ruvuma police boss Gimmin Mushi confirmed the incident, saying investigations into Halima’s killing have been launched.

On October 26, Dar es Salaam regional police boss Paul Makonda ordered Amber Rutty to present herself to the police after a video showing her having anal sex with her lover, Said Mtopari, went viral.

Amber Rutty and Mtopari, upon receiving Makonda’s order, presented themselves at Maturubai Police Station in Mbagala, Dar es Salaam, where they were detained.

The two were, on November 2, arraigned in Kisutu Resident Magistrate court to answer to charges of sharing sexually explicit videos on social media and engaging in sex in unnatural sexual practice.

The two were given the option that they be released on Tsh15 million (Ksh671, 000) bond, but they failed to raise the amount, leading to their continued detention.

Their case will be heard on Monday, November 12.

Amber Rutty did not attend her step-mother’s burial, given she [Rutty] was in detention.

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