More trouble follows Wema Sepetu after Friday arrest, mother left in limbo

Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu’s mother, Mariam Sepetu, reportedly suffered high blood pressure after camping outside Central Police station in Dar es Salaam on Friday, demanding the release of her daughter, who was arrested on suspicion of peddling drugs.

When Mariam Sepetu’s condition worsened Friday afternoon, she was rushed to a Dar es Salaam hospital for treatment before being driven to her home in Sinza, Dar es Salaam to rest.

Wema Sepetu, alongside 12 others, will be arraigned before Kisutu Resident Magistrate on Tuesday, February 7, with charges of trafficking drugs.

However, more trouble looms for Wema Sepetu after Dar es Salaam police boss Simon Sirro ordered she be charged with being in possession of bhang.

Wema Sepetu’s case of being in possession with bhang won’t be heard on Tuesday session before Kisutu Resident Magistrate.

That means Wema will continue being in police custody at Central police post until a later date is set for the hearing of her case, leaving her mother Mariam Sepetu in limbo.

Mariam Sepetu has reportedly been crying incessantly following her daughter’s arrest.

Police boss Simon Sirro says following a search conducted in Wema’s house last Friday, she was found in possession of one roll of bhang – and other substances suspected to be hard drugs.

In a leaked audio clip captured at Central Police Station, Wema Sepetu can be heard vehemently denying claims that bhang was nabbed in her house.

The crackdown on illegal drug peddlers and users by Tanzanian authorities saw 112 people arrested, 12 of whom are artists.


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