More information about MCA who used his ksh4.5 million to buy ward constituents an ambulance – VIDEO

Embu County’s Kirimari ward MCA Morris Muchiri Nyaga alias Collo has made an appeal to President Uhuru Kenyatta to gift his (Collo’s) constituents a fire engine after he (Collo) successfully campaigned for the Head of State in the run-up to August 8, 2017 general election.

Speaking on Citizen Extra Trends and Entertainment show on Thursday, March 8, Collo, a man in his twenties, who recently used his car grant to buy an ambulance for his constituents, said his kind gesture was not motivated by a desire to endear himself to the electorate ahead of the 2022 polls.

“My special appeal to President Kenyatta is that he gifts Kirimari residents a fire engine. I personally used my funds to campaign for him, and it is time for him to rudisha mkono (return the favour). I want a fire engine, which will be used to serve my constituents,” he said.


“In the run-up to August 8, 2017 general election, I pledged service delivery to Kirimari constituents, and now that they elected me, I saw it wise to buy them an ambulance before acquiring my personal car. I had realised there was a need to improve constituents’ access to health services. The ambulance cost me Ksh4.5 million,” said Collo.

“Contrary to speculations by a section of members of society, I did not buy the ambulance to endear myself to the electorate ahead of 2022 general election. I have a 5-year contract with my electorate, and until then, I will focus on service delivery,” he added.


“There’s nobody who has approached me seeking to find out about the van’s ownership documents. But again, Kirimari people do not want to see documents, they want to experience a leadership which offers services. Nonetheless, I have all the documents to prove that I am the legal owner of the ambulance,” said Collo.

Collo says the ambulance is operated by ten people (five drivers and five nurses) who work with him on his rescue team.

“In my salary of Ksh144, 000, I use Ksh100, 000 and give out the rest to charity. I have a team of ten people; five are drivers and the other five are volunteer nurses. I pay them little money to keep them going,” he said.


Collo was quoted by one of the Kenyan dailies recently calling out a section of Embu doctors for attending to patients while drunk, where did he get that information from?

“There was a rumour in Embu, some time back, that some doctors were attending to patients while drunk. I felt the need to address that. I said: ‘If indeed those rumours were true, then those doctors should have stepped aside and paved way for investigations’.

A Kirimari constituent texted, during the show, to claim that one of the roads in Dallas in that area is in bad condition. What’s Collo’s response to her?

“Road construction is going on in Kirimari. I hope by the end of April, 2018 we would have tarmacked Uchumi- Kiambuthi road, Naivas-Mosque road and KPLC-Kiambuthi road.”


“I am a married man, blessed with a child.”


“Leadership is not all about education. I am not highly educated, but I am doing so well than a section of senators in the country. I hold a diploma in public relations. According to me, service delivery to the electorate is paramount.”


Kirimari ward is located in Manyatta constituency. Is Collo eyeing that seat in the next general election?

“2022 political plan will take care of itself, for now it is work and work for the constituents,” he said.


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