More drama as Miguna, Maina Kageni trade barbs

After being trolled on social media for making lewd comments toward Esther Passaris on KTN’s Jeff Koinange Live Wednesday night; and claiming that Passaris pushed him to the wall by alleging that he raped a woman in the past, Miguna has now picked on radio host Maina Kageni.

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It all began Friday morning when Classic 105FM held a conversation to discuss Miguna Miguna’s on-air remarks toward Passaris.

The radio station tweeted the topic of discussion as: “Some men cannot communicate without being rude. We are talking about Miguna Miguna. Who insults a woman like that? Girls do you have a Miguna Miguna in your life?”

And Maina Kageni chimed in on Twitter, saying: “Those men who cannot put a point across without insulting a woman like Miguna Miguna on the JKL.”

Kageni’s statement seemingly provoked bile in Miguna, who replied to the radio presenter, saying: “@ItsMainaKageni you are completely out of order and context. It is your sanctimonious (holier-than-thou) condescension (disdain) which is sexist. Women are human beings!”

The station’s topic of discussion stemmed from Miguna’s remark to Passaris Wednesday, which stated: “You (Passaris) are so beautiful, everybody wants to rape you.”

An awkward silence followed on JKL Wednesday night when host Jeff Koinange read out a tweet from a user urging Miguna and Passaris “to get a room already.”

Jeff, however, attempted to steer the conversation back to sanity when he chimed in, saying: “Can we get back to the issues.”

Jeff’s effort to stamp authority as host did little to change the nature of conversation as Miguna went on to claim that Passaris had said she would ‘take a sex holiday in 2008 if Raila Odinga was declared president.’

Playing down Miguna’s allegations, Passaris said: “He is so full of rumours and rumours and rumours. I feel he has no respect for women; and 50 percent of voters in the city are women.”

Miguna’s remarks landed him in trouble with #KOT who accused the 2017 Nairobi gubernatorial aspirant of being disrespectful to women.

Miguna took to his social media pages Thursday to defend himself, claiming TV host Jeff Koinange and Esther Passris triggered him to make the remarks, which many deemed offensive.

“I understand that there is an edited video circulating about an interaction Esther Passaris and I had off-set yesterday during the second Nairobi gubernatorial debate on KTN TV’s #JKL. The video omits the portion where Esther Passaris accused me of rape. She did not specify whom I had allegedly raped, where, when and with what evidence. My response was to state that: ‘Esther believe that she is so beautiful that everyone wants to rape her…’. It was done sarcastically to expose her duplicity…

“During the debate, I clearly stated to Jeff Koinange that I didn’t want to attack Passaris but both Jeff and Passaris insisted on the line of questioning and direction the ‘debate’ took. I have tremendous respect for women but I don’t respect hypocrites and opportunists who use their gender to seek or obtain advantages that they don’t deserve,” said Miguna in a statement Thursday.

Esther Passaris, nonetheless, has vowed to sue Miguna for defamation after “getting fed up” with Miguna’s attack; saying it was not the first time that Miguna had made derogatory statements toward her.

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