Mombasa ‘nude men’ identified as 19-year-old witchdoctor is arraigned

A Ugandan man, 19, who attempted to defraud Bamburi residents by claiming he performed rituals to supernaturally locate two men, who had allegedly stolen a saloon car, was on Thursday, September 7 arraigned before Shanzu Law Court Senior Principal Magistrate Diana Mochache.

The Ugandan national, Yassin Lokorobe, was accused of being in illegal possession of a snake and being in the country illegally.

The court heard that Lokorobe on Wednesday, September 6 claimed to possess a cobra snake, which he allegedly used to bewitch two men, Musa Ongumo and Patrick Omondi in Bamburi, Mombasa.

Ongumo and Omondi had allegedly stolen a saloon car last week Friday in Kiembeni.

On Wednesday morning (September 6), the two stripped naked, sang and danced, with residents speculating that they had been bewitched by the owner of the stolen car.

A Kenyan woman, Elizabeth Sarah Wetaba, who claimed to have lost the saloon car, while appearing before Senior Principal Magistrate Diana Mochache on Thursday afternoon, pleaded guilty to giving false information, as it emerged that she wasn’t the owner of the motor vehicle.

Wetaba had, under the fake name Catherine Kandubia, filed a report at the Bamburi Police Station on Wednesday morning, claiming her car had been stolen.

Shanzu Law Court Senior Principal Magistrate Diana Mochache ordered that Wetaba be remanded until September 13.

The suspected witchdoctor, Lokorobe, on the other hand, pleaded not guilty to charges of being in the country illegally.

Lokorobe’s other accomplice, Ronald Nganga, who was with him during the Wednesday morning dramatic incident in Bamburi, was not arraigned.

Nganga and Lokorobe were arrested on Wednesday evening after it emerged that they, alongside Wetaba, choreographed the Bamburi scene so that they could use the buzz created out of the incident to advertise their (Nganga and Lokorobe) witchcraft services.

Musa Ongumo and Patrick Omondi, who stripped naked, sang and danced after they had allegedly been bewitched by Lokorobe on Wednesday, did not take plea, with Senior Principal Magistrate Diana Mochache ordering a mental examination be conducted on the two.

Lokorobe pleaded with Senior Principal Magistrate Diana Mochache to release him on bond so that he could perform rituals to make Ongumo and Omondi regain their consciousness. His appeal was rejected after Prosecutor Winnie Kabinga applied that he be denied bond.

The case will be heard on September 13, when Ongumo and Omondi are expected to take plea.


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