Moha Jicho Pevu takes a stand which counters that of other MPs


Nyali Constituency Member of Parliament-elect Mohamed Ali, popularly known as Moha Jicho Pevu, has opposed a demand by newly-elected legislators calling for an upward revision of the MPs’ salaries.

The Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) in July, 2017 introduced a new pay structure that slashed MPs’ salaries from Ksh 710,000 to Ksh 621, 250 per month.

The SRC also abolished MPs’ sitting allowances and reimbursable mileage allowances.

A section of MPs on Wednesday protested the SRC’s move, saying the Commission is bent on demeaning the legislative arm of Government.

Addressing journalists at a press conference in Parliament Buildings, Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) member, Gladys Wanga, said the SRC move will “reduce MPs to beggar”.

“MPs will be humiliated and reduced to beggars like in the past where they depended on incentives from the executive,” the Homa Bay Woman Representative-elect said.

Wanga added that the SRC heavily slashed their allowances without conducting a job evaluation.

Nyali MP-elect, Mohamed Ali, has however said he won’t support other MPs in their bid to have their salaries reviewed upwards.

Taking his social media pages Wednesday, Ali said: “I, Mohamed Ali Mohamed do not support any move to increase my salary and that of my fellow elected Members of Parliament. I have fought for equality and fairness all through my career and my first move as a Parliamentarian will not be to enrich myself.

“40% of my countrymen live on an average of 10000 shillings or less. I do not see the purpose of an increment without ensuring that we create a legal framework for our countrymen to generate wealth FIRST. Count my vote against this.”

It remains unclear when the new MPs will be sworn in but that must be on or before September 7.


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