Mobetto: Zari would cause my mother’s death

Tanzanian video vixen Hamisa Mobetto now fears her mother, Shufaa Lutigunga, could die from high blood pressure following shocking and disparaging statements made against her (mother) by Zari Hassan’s massive followers on social media.

A well-placed source told Risasi newspaper that the derogatory comments against Mobetto’s mum posted by Zari Hassan’s millions of followers on social media are now negatively affecting Ms Lutigunga’s health.

“The fallout between Zari and Mobetto has reached a dangerous level. Zari’s social media followers, popularly known as ‘Team Zari’, are increasingly insulting Mobetto’s mum. It has gotten to a point where Shufaa’s blood pressure shoots up every time she reads the offensive comments made about her. If the situation is not managed, we’d one day wake up to sad news that Shufaa succumbed to high blood pressure,” said the source.

“The problem is that Zari Hassan’s Instagram followers outnumber those of Hamisa Mobetto by over 1.6 million. Zari has 3.5 million followers, whereas Mobetto has 1.9 million followers. So, when #TeamZari decides to gang up against Mobetto and her mother, Mobetto will be left with no choice but to retreat,” added the informant.

When reached for comment, Mobetto confirmed the insider’s claims, saying she fears for her mother’s health.

“Honestly speaking, I fear Zari would be the cause of my mother’s death. Her social media followers’ attacks on my mother and I are getting out of hand. They’re constantly abusing my mother without any justification. Some remarks made against her by #TeamZari are too offensive to the point when she (Shufaa) reads them, her blood pressure increases to dangerous levels,” said Mobetto.

Mobetto now urges Zari Hassan to rein in on her followers before the rivalry turns fatal.

Mobetto and Zari Hassan fell out in August, 2017 after it emerged that Mobetto had gotten pregnant by Zari Hassan’s partner, Diamond Platnumz.

Mobetto and Diamond’s son, Prince Abdul Naseeb, was given birth to on August 8, 2017.

Zari, who is Diamond Platnumz’s bonafide partner, on the other hand, has two children with the award-winning crooner. Their daughter Latiffah Dangote turned two on August 5, 2017, while their son, Prince Nillan, turned one on December 6, 2017.


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